Portfolio Help

Getting Started with the Portfolio Page

The Portfolio Page is the place where you show off your talent. You can upload photos of your clients, show all the types of hairstyles that you can provide for your clients, or upload a photo of that famous celebrity that you happened to run into at the club.

The "Getting Started" Help Popup can be seen at any time while you are on the Portfolio screens

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I upload my photos?
  2. How many photos can I upload?
How do I upload my photos?

Click the button on the Portfolio page. Type in the Title and Description that you want to be displayed when the photo is shown (the Description field is optional). Then click to select the photo that you want to upload from your computer.

Once the photo is uploaded you will be given the option of selecting a "thumbnail view" of the photo that will appear on your portfolio page. This thumbnail must be in the shape of a square. Finally click to complete the upload.

How many photos can I upload?

You can upload 49 photos for your portfolio